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October 30, 2020

In this talk, we will examine some of the challenges facing the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore in defining their identity. A historical approach will be taken to examine how perceptions about the community evolved over time and what were the responses by the leaders of the community.

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With a gift to MHF, you will be joining an illustrious community of individuals and organisations who believe passionately in the power of heritage to connect and bond us as a community.

The Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF) is proud to present the inaugural Hadiah Warisan and Tunas Warisan awards for the Malay Arts and Heritage sector. These awards were initiated by MHF to revive interest in Malay heritage by recognising outstanding individuals who have achieved artistic excellence in dance, theatre, literature, music, photography, art and film, or their contributions towards the community as well as encouraging eligible youths to continue pursuing excellence in the arts and be the next generation of cultural leaders.


Our programmes aim to build thought leadership, develop and nurture talent, enhance awareness, and foster social cohesion.


WarisanSG is an online publication platform to document and facilitate the dissemination of quality Malay heritage information and stories.

Heritage Markers

Cerita-Cerita Kampong Gelam comprises 14 heritage markers in and around the precinct of Kampong Gelam that provide unique and interesting narratives and promote the significance of social and cultural memories of Kampong Gelam.

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