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Hari Warisan Segment I

Hari Warisan (Cultural Heritage Appreciation Day) is a new initiative by the Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF) to acknowledge and appreciate Malay cultural practitioners and activists in Singapore who create content and contribute to their cultural heritage. The inaugural event, graced by Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore, comprised two segments (morning and afternoon), and those in attendance were MHF’s Cendekiawan Lestari Series (CLS) speakers, arts and cultural practitioners, academics and MHF board members. 

Orkes Sri Temasek (OrST) performing ‘Tari Persembahan’ while waiting for the Guest-of-Honour to arrive. (Credit: MHF)

Saturday, 13 November 2021 — The first segment of Hari Warisan featured the appointment of three Teman Warisan (Cultural Ambassadors) and the official announcement of MHF’s first Hadiah Warisan (Heritage Prize) and Tunas Warisan (Special Mention Award) recipients. The 2-hour event featured various live performances as well as a keynote speech. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hari Warisan was held in a hybrid format. The on-site guests were joined by virtual audiences who tuned in via MHF’s Facebook live stream and for the first time, on MHF’s YouTube channel as well.

Anis Qurratu’aini Azman, emcee and also one of the appointed Teman Warisan recipients, introduced the traditional Malay music ensemble, Orkes Sri Temasek (OrST), who will be performing as the resident band to kick off Hari Warisan. OrST performed “Tari Persembahan” for the audience in anticipation of the Guest-of-Honour’s arrival. Right after the performance, Anis invited Megat Muhammad Firdaus, band director of OrST, to demonstrate some sign languages which the on-site attendees can do to show appreciation for the performances.

Rock singer/songwriter as well as mural artist, Shafyre, performing his live painting at Hari Warisan. (Credit: MHF)

Shortly after, OrST continued playing some songs for the audience while Shafyre, a Malay Singaporean rock singer/songwriter as well as a mural artist began his live painting on a big canvas. As an artist, Shafyre has created many admirable works for homes, schools, restaurants and offices, some of which are being brilliantly showcased today. MHF is truly honoured to have him showcase his artistic talent in front of both the live and virtual audiences throughout Hari Warisan.

President Halimah’s arrival was greeted with OrST’s “Dondang”. Anis then performed a 5-minute syair titled, “Syair Warisan Budaya” written by Nadiputra, who was also among those present in the auditorium. Anis shared some facts about syair with the audience before officially welcoming the Guest-of-Honour, invited guests, and the virtual audiences tuning in via Facebook and YouTube live streams. Anis next invited President Halimah to the state lectern to deliver the opening speech for Hari Warisan.

President Halimah delivering her opening speech for MHF’s inaugural Hari Warisan. (Credit: MHF)

President Halimah was then invited to the front of the stage after the speech to present the awards to MHF’s 2021 Teman Warisan, Tunas Warisan and Hadiah Warisan recipients.

Teman Warisan recipients:

Tunas Warisan recipient:

Hadiah Warisan recipient:

At the end of the award-giving ceremony, MHF’s Chairman, Dr. Norshahril Saat presented a token of appreciation to President Halimah for gracing the event as the Guest-of-Honour. The next section of Hari Warisan continued with a tribute to our Malay cultural practitioners. A compilation of National Arts Council’s (NAC) Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Awards recipients were screened at the auditorium while Shafyre performed papa rock, Datuk Ramli Sarip’s “Perjalanan Hidup” with OrST.

Keynote speaker, Aidli Alin Mosbit, engaging the audience with her childhood stories about a congkak. (Credit: MHF)

Keynote speaker, Aidli Alin Mosbit, was up next to deliver her keynote address. Aidli is a Senior Manager of the Arts Division, in the Student Development & Alumni Affairs department at Singapore Polytechnic who has worked extensively with local theatre companies like The Necessary Stage, Teater Kami, Wild Rice, Cake Theatre, and many more. Her contributions and extensive experience in the industry earned her the Young Artist Award for Theatre in 2008.

OrST performs another song for the audience, titled, “Zapin Bach” before Anis announced the completed live painting by Shafyre. He shared a few words about his latest art piece and how he drew inspiration from the energy in the auditorium. The final performer for the morning segment was Anastasia Sabrina Binte Zuraimi, a passionate young singer trained in Classical Singing and Musical Theatre. Anastasia performed “Joget Brindisi” in soprano style accompanied by OrST as the closing performance of the first segment of Hari Warisan.

Classical singer, Anastasia Sabrina Binte Zuraimi, performing ‘Joget Brindisi’ in soprano-style to end Hari Warisan. (Credit: MHF)

Anis thanked the Guest-of-Honour, President Halimah, guests, virtual audiences watching the live stream, performers, sponsors, and award recipients for being a part of the first-ever Hari Warisan. She also shared that the second segment of Hari Warisan entitled, “Navigating the New Normal for Malay Arts & Cultural Groups”, was scheduled to commence later in the afternoon, before closing the morning session of Hari Warisan.

To read the programme highlights for the afternoon session of Hari Warisan, click here.

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