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MHF Award

The MHF Award was first introduced in 2015 to award the top Honours undergraduate from the Department of Malay Studies at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The MHF Prize, which comprises a cash award of $1,000 and is awarded annually, aims to encourage more research into Malay heritage.

The following are recipients of the MHF award:

2022Nur Hikmah Md Ali
2021Wan Hazimah Mohammad Salemi
2020Izzah Hafizah Omar
2019Nurshirah Tabrani
2018Liyana Sulaiman
2017Nur Zakiah Abdul Hamid
2016Nurain Muhammad Zulkepli
2015Nur’Izzah Mohamad Afandi

These award winners have gone on to pursue professional careers in government ministries and agencies, as well as other public and private organisations. From 2020 onwards, all MHF award recipients would also be required to contribute back to the community through projects initiated by MHF.


 “Majoring in Malay Studies has been an invaluable learning experience for me because of its multi-disciplinary nature. Studying in-depth about the history, economy, politics, society and culture of the Malays also informs us about the wider context of society.”

Wan Hazimah Mohammad Salemi, MHF Award Recipient 2021

“The Department of Malay Studies is deeply appreciative of this generous gift from the Malay Heritage Foundation. The gift will be an inspiration to our undergraduates who major in Malay Studies and serve as a recognition of the achievements of those who excel in their studies.” 

Assoc. Prof Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman, National University of Singapore

“As a Malay Studies major, I was taught to be critical yet empathetic in understanding the Malay community. The knowledge that I attained were meaningful and valuable to me. Being an award winner has reminded me of my responsibilities that I have worked towards my community and I hope that I would carry on these responsibilities well.”

Izzah Hafizah Omar, MHF Award Recipient 2020

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