The Malay Heritage Foundation

The Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF)

MHF was incorporated in Singapore on 28 July 1999 as a company limited by guarantee without a share capital. It is also a non-profit organisation, an approved Charity under the Charities Act, Cap. 37 and has been accorded the status of an Institution of Public Character (IPC) since 29 May 2006.

Our Objectives

To safeguard and promote our Malay heritage for all.

Our Strategic Outcomes

Our programmes and initiatives are aimed at achieving the following strategic outcomes.

  • To build thought leadership, bridge knowledge gap and enhance social capital by strengthening content on heritage of Malay community in Singapore through documentation and research;
  • To build capacity and nurture future heritage advocates and ambassadors by engaging and empowering our youths;
  • To enhance awareness and deepen appreciation to foster social cohesion and community bonding; and
  • To strengthen advocacy for the preservation and promotion of heritage of Malay community in Singapore by providing consultancy, advice and critical inputs to various ministries, public and private agencies/organisations. This is to ensure that the heritage of the Malay community in Singapore continues to be protected, preserved and promoted as part of the national agenda (Singapore story) and appreciated by present and future generations.

Our Values

Our core values are embedded in various narratives, or CERITA that we showcase and share with everyone through our various programmes and initiatives.

Connectedness, Enterprising, Resilient, Integrity, Teamwork, Adaptability

About Corporate Logo

The text “WARISAN” which is the Malay word for heritage has been creatively written in the Arabic calligraphic style known as Khuffic Murabba. This calligraphy style originated from the city of Kufah in Iraq and was popular between the 8th and 14th centuries. This period also coincided with the Golden Age of the Islam where there was unrivalled intellectual activity in the fields of literature, particularly biography, history and linguistics. Many Islamic scholars during this period such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Kwarizmi also made tremendous contribution to the world’s civilisation in the fields of medicine, astronomy, geometry, sociology and even economics.

Despite its ancient origins, the Khuffic Murabba’s elegant and uniform style gives it a modern and contemporary outlook, making it relevant in today’s context and a source of inspiration for the future. The use of Arabic-based Jawi script is a tribute to the legacy of the Malay language which has been the lingua franca in the Malay Archipelago since the early centuries. It had been written in this form for more than 700 years before adopting the Roman script in the late 1950s.

To complement the motif, a modern font is chosen with a full caps arrangement to complement the thick strokes of the logo motif. The vertical line is added to separate the motif and the logo type to keep things uncluttered. The vertical line, which echoes the vertical strokes in the logo motif acts as a uniform element to create a single entity.

The colour Bronze was chosen as the corporate colour as a symbol of status and a solid foundation, strength, productivity – excellence in creativity and innovation that is everlasting.

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