The Malay Heritage Foundation

Programmes & Initiatives


Book Publications

MHF commissions and collaborates with various partners to produce book publications that provide an insight to the culture and heritage of the Malay community.

Seminars and Workshops

This seminar series is organised to support our serial publication. It is aimed at creating awareness and developing critical thinking among our youths, especially on issues related to our culture and heritage that are being raised by the writers in this series


MHF Internship Programme for Tertiary Students

The MHF Internship Programme aims to strengthen the students’ cultural identity and root them to Malay culture beyond just appreciation and knowledge, so that they can become future ambassadors and advocates in the culture and heritage sector.

MHF Award

Since 2015, MHF has awarded the top Honours undergraduate from the Department of Malay Studies (NUS) with the MHF Award. This award is presented at the annual award presentation ceremony for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS.

Engagement and Empowerment with Youth Organisations

Since 2012, MHF has collaborated with the Malay Studies Society (NUS) to organize seminars and workshops, targeting post-secondary and tertiary students. This is a peer-to-peer effort to provide mentoring for the younger youths and create awareness on the issues relating to our cultural heritage.

Hadiah Warisan and Tunas Warisan Awards

The Hadiah Warisan (Heritage Prize) is a premier award recognising the artistic excellence of an arts practitioner or activist as well as his/her contribution and commitment to enriching the practice, discourse and thought leadership for the Malay arts and heritage sector.

The Tunas Warisan (Special Mention Award) will be awarded to a young arts practitioner or activist, below the age of 35 years old, whose artistic achievement and commitment have distinguished themselves from their peers and show potential to be the next generation of cultural leaders for the Malay arts and heritage sector.


The Malay Heritage Centre

Together with the National Heritage Board, we also manage and organise many programmes and activities at the Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) to promote and enhance awareness of our Malay heritage.

Heritage Markers and Walking Tour

Cerita-Cerita Kampung Gelam comprises 14 heritage markers in and around the precinct of Kampong Gelam that provide unique and interesting narratives and promote the significance of social and cultural memories of Kampung Gelam.

Warisan Kita (Our Heritage) Mural Project

On 21 November 2015 at 10.00 am, as part of its commemoration of Singapore’s golden jubilee (SG50) celebrations, the Malay Heritage Foundation Ltd (MHF) unveiled the Warisan Kita (Our Heritage) mural at the Malay Heritage Centre (MHC).

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