The Malay Heritage Foundation

Engagement and Empowerment with Youth Organisations

Since 2012, MHF has collaboration with the Malay Studies Society (NUS) to   organize seminars and workshops, targeting at post-secondary and tertiary students.  This is a peer-to-peer effort to provide mentoring for the younger youths and create awareness on the issues relating to our cultural heritage.  To date, four (4) such seminars had been conducted: 

  • Seminar Warisan Melayu
    • Memahami Tradisi Intellektual Kesusasteraan Kita (Understanding our Intellectual Literary Traditions) on 31 January 2015
    • Religion and Society on 26 August 2016
  • Sembang Ilmu
    • History & Power- Portrayals of Malay Community on 14 March 2020
    • Apa Ada Dengan Bahasa? on 12 September 2020
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