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We are the upholders of the art. We continue the pulse (of the past)
together we steer, this crusade
come unite, assembling as one kampung
come unite, one kindred under one sky
on our shoulders, bears the command
to honor the Arts, to treasure culture
be it from the East, the West, the South, or the North
come together as one voice, one leadership, one aspiration
united for heritage, united to build a vision
fighting without a limit, without an end


warisanSG is an online publication platform to document and facilitate the dissemination of quality Malay heritage information and stories (narratives), thereby enhancing awareness and appreciation of expert knowledge on Malay heritage.  It features a collection of articles, based on a wide range of topics related to our cultural heritage, written by young and emerging writers who are passionate about how our cultural heritage has evolved and remained relevant through time. 

It also provides documentation on how our intangible cultural heritage has evolved in response to Singapore’s multicultural context. These articles featured in warisanSG are published on the main website and featured on our social media Facebook site.

STAY CONNECTED with us and provide your comments on the articles featured. You can also go to to get the latest happenings in Malay arts, culture, and heritage in Singapore.

About the Logo Design

Since the early centuries, many ships have arrived at Singapore shores through various maritime trade routes in the Malay Archipelago or Nusantara. Many of these vessels docked at our ports, bringing with them trade, ideas, experiences and stories that have helped shape our society and community. A new wave of change has entered this era. In today’s hyper-connected world that has been brought even closer by the developments in the digital and info-communications technologies, a new guidance system will be needed to navigate through this labyrinth of knowledge and information.

The imagery of a vessel is chosen as a tribute to our maritime legacy and how these traders, scholars and adventurers sailed across the world to discover new territories and gained valuable experiences. This initiative will also enable new knowledge to be created and shared, adding value to the existing corpus of knowledge and information about the community, with MHF leading at the helm.

A qalam is a type of pen made from a dried reed, used for Islamic calligraphy. The concepts of knowledge and writing are very important in the Malay community (as can be seen from the many literary works even from the earlier centuries) and in Islam. And with the Islamisation of the Southeast Asia, especially during the 14th century onwards, writing Malay, which is the lingua franca in the region, in the Arabic-based Jawi script, both for the dissemination of general knowledge and ideas, as well as for the teaching of Islam became the norm for at least 700 years. Thus, the qalam appears as a symbol of wisdom and education for the Malays. The qalam has a tip that cuts on an angle. This feature produces a thick down stroke and a thin upstroke with an infinity of gradation in between.  Due to its significant role it has played in the history of the Malay community in this region, it was thus quite apt to create the logo using the qalam as a medium.

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