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Sembang Ilmu Plus(+) or SIP(+) is a spin-off from MHF’s previous event, Sembang Ilmu, a youth-led forum for the articulation to engage and empower our youths on issues related to Malay heritage, culture, and the arts known as Sembang Ilmu Seminar Series or SIS. SIS (roughly translates to “Let’s Chat!” in English), which debuted on 14 March 2020, was designed as a discursive platform organised by youth for youth. However, this year, MHF intends to extend the outreach of this platform to youths from other ethnic groups, thus renaming the series Sembang Ilmu Plus(+).

SIP(+) is a discursive platform for our youths and young professionals to deliberate and discuss issues relating to the socio-cultural development of Singapore from a contemporary perspective. The forum-style session features a panel of speakers, practitioners, and professionals from the arts and heritage field, presenting their views on wide-ranging topics related to culture and community. All SIPS sessions will be delivered in English. 

In addition to the seminar-style format, participants will undertake a specific project to document and express their takeaways and reflections from the discussion – the additional + sign you see in the new name. Through this session, participants from various ethnic backgrounds will be exposed to issues and intrinsic cultural values that shape the Malay community and the perspectives of their Malay counterparts. There will be a Q&A at the end of the session, enabling participants to exchange their ideas and views and/or seek clarification on any initial doubts and (mis)conceptions. A moderator will help to facilitate the discussion.

Ultimately, our goal is to sustain interest concerning arts and heritage matters over the long term. MHF would like to nurture thought leadership for future reference, build connectivity and creativity (creative collaborations), and groom future role models and icons for the culture and heritage sector to motivate and inspire others.

Sembang Ilmu Plus(+) 28 January 2023

Sembang Ilmu Plus(+) 18 JUNE 2022

Andika Warisan
Temasek Foundation
Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)

Programme Highlights - Sembang Ilmu Plus(+)

The Launch of Sembang

Sembang Ilmu Plus(+) or SIP(+) is a spin-off from Malay Heritage Foundation (MHF)’s Sembang Ilmu Series (SIS)....

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