The Malay Heritage Foundation

SIP(+) Lecture Synopsis - 18 JUNE 2022

I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Artist in Society by Dr. Marc Nair

Reflecting on the purpose, function and value of art and the artist in Singapore, Marc offers the practice of poetry and other art forms as a way to counter the transactional thinking and neoliberalism that marks our culture. 

Moving Bodies, Connecting Histories by Dr. Amin Farid

The Arts act as an intergenerational bridge, connecting histories and social realities. Using examples from Malay dance history, the talk offers insights into how the evolving and eclectic practice of Malay dance may provide opportunities for intergenerational sharing of ideas and experiences.

Learning to be Intercultural by Dr. Wong Chee Meng

The challenge of intercultural dialogue lies in negotiating between recognising cultural differences and upholding universal values. How do we then speak of ‘intercultural competence’ in such a dynamic process? The speaker will illustrate with examples involving traditional arts and heritage sites, where the question of cultural appropriation sometimes arises.

Arts Philanthropy in Ethnic Minority Communities by Ms. Shaza Ishak

Do different ethnicities have different philanthropic priorities and motivations? Are there specific barriers that ethnic minority arts companies face in engaging with arts philanthropy? How do homogeneous leadership and the lack of representation in the management teams of cultural institutions add to the problem of inequity in the arts, and consequently, how can it act as an entry point to equity in arts philanthropy in Singapore?

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