The Malay Heritage Foundation

SIP(+) Lecture Synopsis - 28 JANUARY 2023

Nurturing a Heritage Ecosystem by Jamal Mohamad
In 2011, a new Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) team was at the helm of redevelopment works. Besides creating a new narrative for the museum, the team knew they needed to develop a strategy to grow an audience. Jamal will share some methods on how MHC grew an audience through nurturing a heritage ecosystem and how that audience today has taken on the added roles as volunteers, partners, ambassadors, donors, advisers and content creators for the centre.

Outside Looking In: Journey into Discovering Identity and Unearthing Shared Narratives by Menaka Gopalan
In what ways does heritage shape identity and what influence does identity have in shaping one’s heritage? Does it stem from an individual’s experience or evolve through our links and bonds with a community of people? Where do these lines cross and blur? This presentation attempts to address these questions from the perspective of a person who lived half their life overseas and the other half in Singapore, donning several hats in their journey as an artist, educator, curator, and now director of Singapore’s leading and pioneer classical Indian arts organisation. This presentation will also share the impact that heritage can create to address the future of its role, one’s responsibility and growth towards the future.

Superdiversity as a New Lens for Singapore’s Diversities and Heritage by Michelle Loh Wen Han
Drawing from perspectives of arts management and cultural policy discourse, Michelle will discuss the outlook towards the preservation of Singapore as one people and use super-diversity as a possible lens to describe Singaporeans, our heritage and building new legacies as we move forward in the post-pandemic era.

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