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SIP(+) Performers - 18 JUNE 2022


FASOLA is an experimental music group that dabbles in Malay music, sounds and the hip-hop genre. The works are beautified with poetic lyrics. The group consists of 4 members; Faris Z, a LaSalle music graduate, DJ and music producer. Hidayat Nordin is a multi-disciplinary artist. Yunie Karim and Flique are local artists in their rights, with several singles on the airwaves.

Despite being the youngest, Yunie and Faris are youths passionate about the literary value of their works. They understand the need for lyrics of songs to have literary merit that, in turn, have educational values for use as materials and programs for schools and education institutions.

They have individually performed at various arts venues such as The Arts House, The Esplanade, and on TV.


Aqmal N, or Noorhaqmal Bin Mohammed Noor, has been involved in the performing arts since he was 10. He entered the mainstream arts, music and performing circuit by winning Mediacorp Anugerah in 2004 and Best Composer for “Warkah Cinta Dunia” in Mediacorp Radio Ria & Warna, Projek Rentak 2010. A long-time practitioner of the traditional art of dikir barat, he still writes and composes dikir barat songs for school and national competitions. He also won Tok Juara Terbaik in Mega Perdana 2014. He continues to compose songs for TV drama serials and mainstream radio plays. His work was recently nominated for Best Song of 2016/2017 in Anugerah Planet Muzik, organised by Mediacorp Singapore. He published his first collection of poems, Dumpra, in 2018.

RENTA Collective

RENTA Collective is an arts collective founded by Aqmal N and has produced various arts programs and events. These programs include literary, music, and theatre productions. Some live and online arts programs are Suatu Masa, Untung Budi: Senandika and Mematri Prasasti, which were all awarded with grants from National Arts Council (NAC). RENTA Collective has also created programs that multiple organizations commissioned, including Rapatseni Series by The Arts House and the Walang Weh! Series commissioned by The Esplanade.

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